Superior Mulch & Firewood

Superior Mulch & Firewood Spring/Summer Products


We offer dyed mulch in the colors of brown, chocolate, red, black and gold. We also offer natural un-dyed mulch. Our dyed mulch is a Becker Underwood dye which is environmentally friendly and safe around pets and children (hardwood mulch, made from any hardwood that doesn’t include a tree’s bark; and dyed mulch, typically made from waste wood and dyed to a distinct color).

We offer premium hardwood mulch, made from the bark of hardwoods.

In addition to being very effective at stabilizing soil temperature, mulch prevents weed growth and adds nutrients to the soil as it decays.

New color coming this Spring: Walnut!

Due to the nature of this product, we cannot offer returns or refunds for mulch.

Our delivery is handled by Carry All Products (CAP Transportation). We deliver products anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia.

See our FAQ page for mulch details.


Firewood is a good solution, as it’s the most intense source of indoor heat. After a fire has been extinguished, the heat remains in the area for hours afterwards. It is also a renewable energy resource and does not release harmful greenhouse gases when it’s burned.

All of our firewood products are seasoned and ready to use. We offer mixed hardwoods from Western Pennsylvania and we do not use any waste or removal products. Superior Mulch & Firewood, LLC sells firewood throughout the year for maximum convenience of both homeowners and construction companies. See our FAQ page for firewood details.

Shredded Topsoil

We store topsoil in a covered bin and all of our dirt is run through a Royal Topsoil Shredder which is clean of roots and rocks.

Mushroom Compost

Mushroom compost is a residual compost waste generated by the mushroom production industry. It is normally composed of straw and horse manure and is an excellent source of humus.