Superior Mulch & Firewood

Frequently Asked Questions

Are termites attracted to hardwood mulch?

No. Only wood that is below the ground attracts termites. As mulch is above the earth’s surface, it does not attract these pests.

Does Superior Mulch & Firewood treat mulch?

No. We only provide natural materials-based mulch, which is free from any chemical treatment.

When should mulch be applied?

Mulching can be done at any time of the year. The ideal width of mulch’s layer depends on the season in which you add the mulch;

Is molding on the mulch’s surface harmful?

Extreme hot and humid conditions may result in molding on mulch. You can identify the molding by its yellowish-brown appearance. While the fungus is not harmful, it’s an unpleasant sight and you can easily get rid of it by striking the mulch with a rake or hosing it down.

Is there any preparation required before applying mulch?

Clear the mulching space of grass, weeds and leaves. If the area has some previously added mulch, loosen it up. Use the thickness guide above to apply the mulch. Spreading the mulch with your hands is the best way to go; but if you are mulching on a commercial project with a huge area to cover, machinery can be utilized for the job.

What is the best time of the year to order firewood?

While firewood can be ordered at any time of the year, ordering earlier, months such as August/September, results in drier wood.

What is the ideal storing and stacking method for firewood?

You should use a base about three inches above the ground to stack firewood. Keep in mind that the more you expose firewood to the air, the quicker it will dry. Use tarp to partially cover the firewood stack on top, letting air inside from the bottom.

How much firewood should you store indoors?

For homes, it’s ideal to store 2-3 days of firewood supply. For commercial purposes, please contact us to discuss the ideal storage.

How long do you let the wood sit before burning it?

In the case of unseasoned wood, the firewood will not properly burn if it is too wet. Wood that is very heavy and is leaking sap is not ready to be burned yet. It can take anywhere between six months and a year before wood is ready to be burned.

Well-seasoned firewood is comparatively light, usually has dark ends and you can easily peel off its bark. When ordering firewood in wet seasons, it’s best to keep a two-day supply indoors beside the hearth. This will dry any moisture on the wood. Regardless, we recommend that you keep 2-3 days of firewood supply indoors.

These provide the best heat with minimum residue. Your orders for the above firewood can be a combination of multiple types of wood.